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Wheel BRACK-its™

Wheels for your LEVEL-it®

Wheel BRACK-it

Need to move your LEVEL-it®? Put it on wheels! Don't pop a wheelie though…

LEVEL-it® Wheel BRACK-its™ will be available soon as a LEVEL-it® accessory – one pair per LEVEL-it®. BRACK-its™ ONLY – wheels NOT included.

Wheel BRACK-its™ for LEVEL-it® workbench are sold WITHOUT wheels! Yes, that’s right!

Wheel BRACK-its™ for LEVEL-it® workbench are sold WITHOUT wheels.

Wheels are heavy and expensive to ship. The wheels you need are standard 8” X 1.75” lawn mower replacement wheels and are available at most home improvement, hardware, garden or farm supply and building supply stores. If they sell lawnmowers, then they will have the wheels you need for the LEVEL-it® Wheel BRACK-its™. The Wheel BRACK-its™ for LEVEL-it® come with all the hardware you need to attach the wheels to the Wheel BRACK-its™ and to attach the Wheel BRACK-its™ to the LEVEL-it® workbench. There are many different brands of this type of wheel. The size is the important thing.
See Wheel BRACK-its™ instructions for further details.

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