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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

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When and where will I be able to buy LEVEL-it®?
   LEVEL-it® will soon be on sale at this website.

My new LEVEL-it® looks different from the last one I got. What’s up with that?
   LEVEL-it® is made (as much as possible) from reclaimed, recycled and/or sustainably harvested wood. We're always looking for the best prices we can get on our wood to pass the savings on to our customers. We are not concerned with the species or appearance of the wood we procure as long as it meets our stringent quality standards. For that reason you may notice that not all LEVEL-it®s look alike. Indeed, each LEVEL-it® is unique. Be assured, however, that regardless of appearance, LEVEL-it® parts are always interchangeable.

Do any tools come with LEVEL-it®?
   No. LEVEL-it® is sold without tools or add-ons. There are several plans for add-ons to LEVEL-it® at this website. None of these add-ons, or any tools, ship with your LEVEL-it®.

Do I need to do anything to use LEVEL-it® outside?
   LEVEL-it® is made of kiln dried lumber. It has no protective coating or paint when manufactured. If you plan to use and keep your LEVEL-it® outside, then it's advisable to put a protective sealer or even paint on it. This will prevent or retard rot, mold and mildew from developing and should even keep it looking good. If you come up with an interesting and/or attractive way of painting or otherwise decorating a LEVEL-it®, please send us a photo.

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